The Do’s & Don’ts When Suffering From Piles!


The problem of piles is also known as hemorrhoids, is a problem that people are hesitant about. They get anxious to a stage where they are unable to talk comfortably about their condition, which later deteriorates the condition. Piles have a tendency of re-occurring.

However, by treating and avoiding the piles in right way, the complications can be prevented to a great extent.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Piles Patients

A patient suffering from piles has to go through a lot of complications and pain in his day to day life. To lessen the complications and forestall the development of disorder, one needs to follow certain guidelines and rules.

Below, we have a rundown of Do’s and Don’ts for a piles patient that can be utterly beneficial while treating it (we highly recommend to consult your doctor before incorporating any of the dietary change in your routine).

Avoid Oily and spicy foods – Excessive oily and spicy food can be harmful for you, especially in the problem of piles, as such food items can worsen the condition. Even people who do not have piles are advised to avoid oily and spicy food.

Avoid fast food – People suffering from piles should keep a strategic distance from fast and junk food. Instead of eating fast food, you can include fruits or some special vegetables like cabbage, beetroot, tomato, etc. which are beneficial and also help ease the complications of this problem.

Avoid Kidney beans and lentils – If you are fond of rajma-rice and lentils-rice etc., then you should avoid this obsession for some time as eating beans and lentils can aggravate the complications of this disorder.

Limit Ghee consumption- Although the balanced amount of native ghee is beneficial for your body, but many times its consumption can increase the problem of Piles patients. That is why consume ghee only when it suits you. But then do not forget to consume it in a limited amount.

Do not drink tea, coffee, cold drinks and external beverages when you have piles. Always eat homemade food.

Do not consume any kind of non-vegetarian food (meat, fish, poultry, seafood) and non-vegetarian drinks like soup etc.

Smoking and Gutkha – In case of hemorrhoids, tobacco based consumables should be completely avoided.

Avoid eating all kinds of nuts. Betel nuts can reactivate piles.

Avoid stale food – The main reason for hemorrhoids is to remain constipated for a long time. For this reason, such things should be eaten in this disease which can be easily digested and better in health terms. Do not consume stale food, urad lentils, meat, fish, poultry, gram, sourness etc. in piles.

Eating out – Eating outside food should be avoided when there are piles because salt, chili and cleanliness are not taken care of in the outside food whereas in the house food is made cleanly and spices are used less. Unhealthy eating can increase the infection of piles and increase the pain too much.

Drink buttermilk – Drinking buttermilk in piles will be very beneficial for you. Buttermilk not only keeps your stomach fine, but also gives you relief from burning and pain in piles. Grind 25 grams of roasted cumin seeds in about 2 liters of buttermilk and add black salt as per taste. Drink it little by little throughout the day. Warts will be cured by doing this for four days. Apart from buttermilk, eating curd along with food will also be beneficial for you.

Eat fruits and vegetables – The more fibrous (fiber-rich) things you eat in hemorrhoids, the more rest you will get and the clearer your stomach will be. Consuming fiber is beneficial for good digestion. Include fresh fruits and colorful vegetables in your diet. Eat more of green vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants as well as fiber.

Isabgol – Isabgol husk helps to cure stomach upset caused due to food and drink. Along with this, it is also a very good source of fiber. By using isabgol husk, your stool becomes soft, which reduces pain during bowel movements and clears the stomach properly. Consumption of isabgol is beneficial in wart pain. One or two teaspoons may be taken with its curd or water before going to bed at night.

Eat sesame – Taking sesame in piles is also beneficial. Soak 1 teaspoon black or white sesame water in the night and eat it in the morning. If you do not like to eat whole sesame seeds, then you can also eat sesame laddus.

Eat radish – Radish contains a lot of soluble fiber which helps in softening the stool and keeping the digestive system intact. Piles patients should consume raw radish only. You can grind it and eat it if you want. That is, grind 100 grams of radish and mix 1 teaspoon of honey in it, eat it twice a day.

How PT2 is helpful?

PT 2 Kit an Ayurvedic piles treatment that helps relieve the condition without surgery. It relieves painful bleeding and burning piles and anal fissures by shrinking piles mass. It is indicated to help relieve hemorrhoids and anal fissure presenting with anal itching and profuse bleeding. Pt2 kit comprises of –

PT 2 Tablets- PT2 Tablets is the combination of the herbo-mineral Ayurvedic formulation. These Piles cure tablets works internally by acting on cause i.e. Constipation. These piles pain relief tablet are really effective in treating your piles problem and an Ayurvedic medicine for fissure as well.

PT2 Ointment- This helps reduce swelling in anal area and relaxes your clenching sphincter muscle. It’s used after defecation. This ointment will let you have softer and smoother stool.

Moreover it’s not habit forming medicine that requires to be taken daily. This Ayurvedic remedy for Piles will help relieving constipation and in decreasing pressure on the anal veins. It is a ‘moolam’ treatment i.e. we work on the cause and gives proper medical support for piles.

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