12 Reasons You Should Know Behind Piles

Constipation has increased due to changing lifestyle, overconsumption of fast food and stress. Due to this, the problem of piles is becoming more common in people aged 30 to 35 years. This disease is not being taken seriously; sometimes even patients do not hesitate to consult a doctor. This increases the problem gradually, with morning freshness (defecation), there is bleeding and unbearable pain.

What are the reasons for having piles?

  1. The main reason for hemorrhoids is to remain constipated for a long time.
  2. Not having a clean stomach in the morning or evening if you do not defecate.
  3. Defecation
  4. Sit in the restroom for a long time
  5. Genetic reasons
  6. Diarrhea problem.
  7. Due to the lack of nutritional elements in food.
  8. Eating more fried or spicy foods.
  9. Drug abuse
  10. Being overweight puts a lot of weight especially on the stomach and pelvis, which increases the pressure on the pelvic nerves.
  11. The risk of hemorrhoids increases during delivery as there is more pressure on the anus region.
  12. There may be a risk of hemorrhoids due to disease related to heart and liver for a long time.

Symptoms of piles

  • There may be a hard lump-like feeling around the anus. There can be blood in it, due to which there is a lot of pain in them.
  • Feeling that the stomach has not cleared even after the restroom.
  • Red bright blood during defecation.
  • Mucus coming during defecation and feeling pain.
  • Itching around the anus and redness and swelling of the area.

Home remedies for piles

The problem of hemorrhoids makes the patient weak, excessive pain in the rectum and thereafter symptoms such as bleeding, itching, and prickling of thorns, warts and wounds, burning sensation make it easy to identify. Only the right treatment of this disease can relieve the patient from this problem, otherwise the problem may increase. If you are also troubled by this deadly disease, then we are going to tell you some home remedies, by adopting which you can get rid of a serious problem like hemorrhoids.

Drink plenty of water

In the case of hemorrhoids, any person should drink plenty of water because by drinking sufficient amount of water, the digestive system of the body works properly and the stomach remains clean. Along with this, sufficient water also strengthens the metabolic system of the body, due to which the problem of hemorrhoids starts to decrease gradually and there is no constipation in the stomach. If you also want to get rid of the problem of hemorrhoids, then drink plenty of water.

Eat a vitamin C rich diet

The problem of constipation in the stomach leads to hemorrhoids, about which everyone is aware. If you want to get rid of this problem, then take a diet containing vitamin C. Actually, taking a diet containing vitamin C does not cause constipation problem in the stomach and also gets rid of the problem of hemorrhoids. To avoid this problem, you must consult a doctor.

Coconut water

Coconut water has many antioxidant properties, which help in keeping the stomach clean. Digestive system of the body is also strengthened by drinking coconut water and there is no problem of constipation in the stomach. Drinking coconut water regularly reduces the problem of hemorrhoids and also keeps the body healthy. Coconut water not only protects your body from many diseases but also piles.

Consider fiber supplements

Most people do not get enough of the recommended amount of fiber in their diet – 20 to 30 grams per day. If you are not able to get the right amount of fiber, then you can consider the consumption of artificial fiber found in medical stores with the advice of an expert. But try to get it from fruits and vegetables only.

If you use fiber supplements, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water or other fluids every day. Otherwise it can be harmful for you.

Avoid pushing during defecation

Hold your breath when trying to pass the stool and do not insist on the anus and rectum. This may cause swelling in the veins. These veins may burst further, which causes bloody piles. You drink two glasses of lukewarm water before defecation. This will make it easier to pass the school. Apart from this, eat fiber-rich food. Avoid sitting in the toilet for a long time. Sitting for too long may increase the pressure on the veins in the anus.

Do exercise every day

Exercise must be done to help prevent constipation and reduce the pressure on the nerves. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are often seen in people who have to stand or sit for long periods of time. In such a situation, you must exercise. If you are overweight then it also needs to be reduced. Obesity can increase hemorrhoids.

How is Pt2 helpful?

PT 2 Kit an Ayurvedic piles treatment that helps relieve the condition without surgery. It relieves painful bleeding and burning piles and anal fissures by shrinking piles mass. It is indicated to help relieve hemorrhoids and anal fissure presenting with anal itching and profuse bleeding. Pt2 kit comprises of –

PT 2 Tablets- PT2 Tablets is the combination of the herbo-mineral Ayurvedic formulation. These Piles cure tablets works internally by acting on cause i.e. Constipation. These piles pain relief tablet are really effective in treating your piles problem and an Ayurvedic medicine for fissure as well.

PT2 Ointment- This helps reduce swelling in anal area and relaxes your clenching sphincter muscle. It’s used after defecation. Apply this Ayurvedic medicine for fissure and piles around your anal areas. This will let you have softer and smoother stool.

Moreover it’s not habit forming medicine that requires to be taken daily. This Ayurvedic remedy for Piles will help relieving constipation and in decreasing pressure on the anal veins. It is a ‘moolam’ treatment i.e. we work on the cause and gives proper medical treatment for piles and best medicine for fissure.

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